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Animals World in Samui

Monkey Show

Thailand’s fascinating Koh Samui is full with coconut trees. Before tourism arrived to the island, coconuts were the main industry here. Monkeys, considered as man's best friend, these industrious little animals are greatly prized and give a demonstration of their incredible dexterity (and not just at picking coconuts) in the outdoor theatre. The entertainment also includes performing elephants. The theatre,where the show is on the main road behind Bophut Village.

Butterfly Farm
Located in the south of the island, Na Tian Butterfly Garden is a kaleidoscope of colour provided by hundreds of spectacular butterflies. For bug enthusiasts there's also an Insect Museum, featuring rare insects from Thailand and other countries, and a bee house, which allows the visitor to observe the activities of bees. Don't forget your camera!


Elephant Safari
Several companies around the island run elephant ride operations and many can be booked through travel agents, often in combination with all day tours of the interior. Over fifty elephants call Samui home and all work in the tourist industry. A typical 'trek' lasts between 15 minutes and half an hour and is an excellent way to see the island's jungle clad interior. Some companies take visitors up into the hills for magnificent views over the island, others go through waterfalls, where riders run the risk of receiving a cooling shower…


Snake Farm
Here you can visit the snakes and scorpions and you can solve your fear problem about them Samui snake farm is located at Talingngam on the south of the island. Some rare species of poisonous snakes those that cannot be found in Europe or America are kept here. Some of these snakes take the center stage during the farm's special shows. An exciting part is a fight between man and scorpion, and even centipede (a show unique here). There is also a cobra show that only Samui Snake Farm can put up.


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