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Forbes magazine named Koh Samui one of the top 10 islands in the world

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If heaven and hell are the seasons of this world, there is only one season: SAMUI ISLAND

Samui, which has been chosen as one of the top ten islands in the world by Forbes magazine in the past months, is now a paradise known to more people. The island, which is away from the risk of tsunami because it is located in the Gulf of Thailand, is especially the new favorite of the couples going on their honeymoon.

We land in Samui in an air where the sun is in close contact with my buttonholes. The airport is almost a holiday village, they will give almost a welcome drink. Thai means Koh island, and Koh Samui takes you in the palm of your hand from the very first moment. The Thai people have come to this world to make other worlds happy.

As soon as we enter the hotel, they ignite cold towels and a drink, and a ring made of orchids on our neck. In the country, the winter is based on the door, and here we are wearing a swimsuit, the only accessory sunglasses, and sand. It is true that the poet said; Heaven and Hell are the seasons of this world, and there is only one season in Samui.

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