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Koh Samui Island The only island without tsunami hazard

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While the Japan earthquake deeply affected the whole world, now the eyes are on the tropical islands. Samui, on the other hand, is the only island that has no danger of Tsunami.

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Japan first caused great panic in the country and the tsunami wave that followed immediately turned into a disaster.

Japan is a highly developed country in producing earthquake resistant structures. But when it comes to Japan tsunami danger, no infrastructure can bear it.

The only island in the world that has no tsunami danger is the island of Samui. Koh Samui, one of the most elite islands preferred by honeymoon couples in the world, is also the most interesting island of Thailand.

The fact that Samui is a tropical island is of great importance in choosing it for honeymoon and vacation. There is also no tsunami hazard due to its location. One of the most noticeable features in Samui is that no building on the island exceeds the height of a coconut tree. Thus, the natural structure is preserved in Samui Island.

In addition to its tropical features that do not count, Samui makes a big difference to all the islands of the world with its many activities such as sea, sand, sun, adventure, sports, culture, shopping and sightseeing. In this way, both romantic honeymoon vacation and extreme sports or full holidays can be done on Samui.

Monkey shows, Crocodile park rides, Buffalo fights, Thai box shows, Scuba Diving, Golf, Safari on elephants, Jeep safari, Freshwater waterfalls, Go-kart, Bungee Jumping, Paintball, Quad Tour, Cable Riding and many more activities Samui Other activities you can do in.

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