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New year in Thailand celebrated in April with Songkran

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This New Year Celebration in Songkran, Asian history and Traditional, is celebrated in Thailand-Laos-Myanmar and Kambodja.

Between April 13-14-15, SONGKRAN celebration is organized. Since this Period is the hottest Days of the Country, People Pour Water Together to Refresh, and this means a great Respect.

In this period, which started in 1888, the “Celebration of the New Year” begins in Thailand and the surrounding countries by passing the last dry-hot period.

On the Thai Calendar, on April 14, 2007, the year 2551 begins.

Indigenous People go to the Buddha Priests in the morning to eat, all young people offer their eternal respect to their elders and pour waters everywhere, it is the most appropriate celebration of relief.

Also, when you are in Samui Island, even if you add the tropical atmosphere, how about a wonderful Celebration ….

In order to experience this Celebration, which starts at noon, it will be sufficient to go outside and outdoors. Everyone will pour Water to you, you will be able to pour water to everyone, there is no intake or anger, it is organized only for fun, cooling and refreshment.

According to the tradition, since the water decreases in this hot period, Fish from Lakes and Rivers are collected and kept at home and released again during the SONGKRAN period. They also carry out this historical Practice with Birds.

Do not miss the most beautiful New Year celebration in the world.

Also in Samui.

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