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Information About Koh Samui Island

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Koh Samui Island is in the Gulf of Thailand and is about 15 km from the land. Approximately 48,000 people live on Samui Island, which is 247 square kilometers in size. There is only one main road. With a vehicle, you can travel around the whole island in 1 hour.

Coconut and Palm trees surrounded the island and got the name of Paradise Island with this image. The height of the construction or a building in the layout plan, any coconut can not exceed the size of the tree, Samui will not look like any other Tourism Zone even with just this feature, for example, you can not find giant buildings or giant hotels like in Phuket or Pattaya.

Nathon is the “Capital” of the island, from which there is the pier of the Ferries to reach the mainland. The airport is between the island’s entertainment center, Chaweng and Bangrak. The most beautiful beaches of the island are Chaweng and Lamai Beach Sea Shores.

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