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What to do and where to go in Koh Samui?

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Koh Samui Parks and Shows

Monkey Show

You can witness the beautiful shows of monkeys, the most known animals of Samui island, by watching the Monkey Show.

Crocodile Park

You can watch exciting shows of domesticated crocodiles in Samui, which has the world’s largest crocodile farm.

Buffalo Fighting Shows

After witnessing the different shows of Koh Samui island, do not forget to watch the Buffalo fight shows.

Butterfly Park

You should definitely visit this gorgeous butterfly farm, which you can see in Koh Samui. You have the opportunity to examine some species specific to Koh Samui.

Snake and Spider park

In Koh Samui Snake Farm, you can examine hundreds of snake species completely, and watch spider and snake shows.

Thaibox – Muay Thai Shows

You can make your holiday unforgettable by watching the world-famous Thaibox and Muay Thai fight shows at Chanweng’s Thai Box Stadium.

Koh Samui Sightseeing and Tours

Big Buddha Temple

You can have a nice tour by living Thai culture and history in Buddha’s Temple, the magic garden of Koh Samui.

Safari on Elephants

Do not leave Koh Samui without watching the Elephant show after traveling to the beauty of the Samui forests by making Safari on elephants.

Sunset Tours

You can drink your delicious cocktail with live music while watching the magnificent views of the islands around Samui at sunset.

Sweet Juicy Samui Waterfalls

Breathe the fresh air oxygen that is refreshing and experience the feature of witnessing the beauty of Namuang Waterfall in the tropical rain forest.

Jeep Safari

You can find the opportunity to examine the animals in Koh Samui in their natural environment by doing Mountain Safari with 4×4 Jeeps.

Koh Samui Sports Activities

Scuba Diving

Dive with Snorkel on the Island of Koh Tan and discover thousands of lives in Koh Samui’s undersea world that is considered a paradise.


After seeing all the beauties and activities of Koh Samui, don’t forget to play golf in Koh Samui.

Motor-Gokart Circuit

The motorized Go Karts at the Go-kart Track in Samui go at a speed of 100km per hour. Trying it once can be absolutely addictive.

Koh Samui Adrenaline Sports

Bungee Jumping

You can experience the most exciting of Bungee Jumping in Koh Samui, which those who like extreme sports cannot give up.

Quad Tour

It is a Forest and Land Safari built with four-wheeled motorcycles. Getting this experience on the magnificent tropical Island is truly an extraordinary adventure.


You can never forget the exciting emotion you will get in this completely safe game.

Cable Riding

Cables connecting the houses on the trees are an ideal activity for adrenaline enthusiasts in the canyon, sometimes up to 300 meters high.

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